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Deposit Bond

Deposit bond allows you to purchase a home or invest in property without having to provide the deposit in cash. A deposit bond or deposit guarantee is a subsitute for the cash deposit required when purchasing a residential property - you simply pay the full purchase price at settlement. Both short and long term guarantees are offered to suit any settlement terms.


Reasons for why Deposit Bonds will benefit you


  • Useful for asset rich, cash poor customers who wish to invest in property and already own their own home; 

  • You may be borrowing 100% of the finance by utilising equity in existing property, and the loan funds are not available until settlement;

  • Utilising a deposit guarantee can help you avoid paying a penalty to break fixed investments or selling shares;

  • A deposit bond is an unsecured product, no need to tie up existing security for short or long--‐term settlements;

  • You may have sold an existing property, but cannot yet access sale proceeds; 

  • A deposit bond is suitable for all types of residential property, whether sale is by private treaty or auction; 

  • A deposit bond can be provided for short and long term settlements of up to 48 months; 

  • Deposit bonds are legally acceptable in all Australian States and Territories.



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